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Jacob Abrian defines himself as an Arab/Italian citizen of the world; ‘Home is where I feel comfortable’.  He grew up in a multi-cultural family having roots and parents around the world; from Lebanon, Italy, Argentina, Australia and the States. A real mixed environment that gave him the luxury to travel around the world which has opened his mind into the beauty of multi-ethnicity and diversity of cultures.

Studied Masters in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan and participated in designing several country pavilions for at the EXPO MILANO 2015. However, his passion was always oriented into fashion. While, studying Architecture he started to practice the modelling career after being scouted by an Italian modelling agency, and at the same time he was designing his biggest dream of establishing a fashion council that represents all the Arab World. In September 2014, the Arab Fashion Council has seen light by a decree from England as an international extraterritorial authority which made Jacob the world’s youngest founder of a Council at an age of 22.

Initially, Jacob has served the Council as an Ambassador whom later became the newly appointed CEO by the majority vote of the board of directors. Adding to his curriculum the highest ranking executive title and responsibility at the age of 23.

Occupying such an important role drives him to deliver the best and to always stay upon the expectations of the people who believe in his surprising abilities.

Today, Jacob is considered to be a public figure and fashion and management industry influencer. He endorses relevant events, speaks at panels and seminars, act as advisor and visiting tutor at international universities, conduct workshops and act as brand ambassador for selected brands.

Recently, Jacob has founded his consulting company that supports individuals to create their own private label and supports established brands in creating their own DNA, business development and strategic planning, image and marketing management.

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