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Jacob-Abrian-Vogue-Italia-Fashion-Male-Model-4Growing up abroad and travelling around the world gave me the ability to meet thousands of creative Arabic designers that were obliged to leave their countries seeking success abroad. This fact has always cultivated in me the pride of having Arabic roots and driven in me the motivation to work on a big dream of establishing an international non-profit association that could represent, prompt and protect the Arab designers motivating them to return back to their countries and share their expertise to develop the socio-economic and cultural system. In a nutshell, building an Arabian fashion system, a pipeline, or infrastructure that would allow the Arab region to compete on Arts and Creativity.

After years of research and networking, I received the enough support to set-up the Arab Fashion Council (AFC), that was approved by a decree from the United Kingdom, Companies Acts 2006. In September 2014, the Arab Fashion Council has been incorporated in London as selected city to neutrally represent the 22 Arabic countries and thanks to the effort AFC’s Higher Management that is represented by high calibre of public figures, it became the world’s largest non-profit fashion association that covers all the Arab World.

My vision is to adopt and develop global standards, elevate the talents of Arab designers’ academic studies, and contribute to the development of culture by establishing an Arabic fashion system (Pipeline). Achieve peace in the Middle East through fashion and arts, and finally, to support the Arab designers to build brand names and reach the international market, that will directly support our vision and reflect the best image of the Arab World. I do believe in zero limits and only I accept to be the first.

For more information on the vision, mission and structure of the Arab Fashion Council please visit the official website by clicking here